We introduced our Made to Measure range as a midway point between our ready to wear suits and our bespoke tailored suits. We never imagined that it would take off as well as it has and since first introducing it we have increased the personalization and improved on the quality vastly. We can now offer a huge range of materials ranging from super 100’s – 140’s, wool and cashmeres, mohairs and many more. The options of style are almost endless meaning there are no restrictions when it comes to what we can produce.

 Despite the increased quality and options we now offer, the prices remain the same, and with only three prices to choose from, £475, £595 & £645, we believe our Made To Measure suits are among the most competitive out there, in regards to quality and service.

 The distinction between Bespoke and Made to Measure is in the construction. Where a bespoke suit is created without the use of a pre-existing pattern by being chalked out by a tailor directly onto the cloth and then cut and sewn by hand, a Made to Measure suit will have the measurements input into a computer that will alter a pre existing pattern and is then laser cut to ensure precision and then machine finished.

 Although the construction process between bespoke and made to measure is quite different the end result is one in the same, a highly finished, personalized, perfectly fitting garment.

 More and more tailors now days try to pass a made to measure suit off as bespoke, and even though a lot of these suits are still of a good quality they are not a truly bespoke tailored suit. See our Bespoke section for details.