As a family run business we have a true passion for our craft, and we believe that over the last 60 years we have curated a truly stunning range of formal suits within our collection.

We use all of our own stock and don’t “hire in” from third party companies, meaning we have complete control over the quality of the garments we use. It is because of the quality of our goods and our passion for our business that we that we have been able to serve our customers for as many years as we have. 

We offer many exclusive designs within our range and an extensive range of accompanying waistcoats and accessories at competitive prices. Our ranges come in a variety of cuts to flatter all body shapes meaning all of our customer can walk out looking their very best.

We closely monitor current trends and styles and regularly update our garment offering.

LOUNGE suits

Wedding, Race day, Graduation, Prom, Interview. Whatever the occasion be, we will have a style to “suit”

We carry an extensive range of waistcoats that will compliment and transform the outfit or pair it with a matching waistcoat to create a more subtle but equally distinguished look.

Designed with a fresh modern take of men’s tailoring and available in both modern and slim fits.

We also offer suits in a more classic style for the more traditional gentlemen.


The timeless tailcoat is an elegant looking outfit, perfect for a more traditional or formal wedding.  Also famously required in the Royal Enclosure at Royal ascot 

Tailcoats with their sharp cut away from the buttoning offer a flattering waistline and allow the waistcoat to be shown off in all its glory. 

Traditionally tailcoats are worn with contrasting  grey striped trousers, but for a more contemporary style we suggest matching the trousers to the jacket.

Designed in a range of fabrics to perfectly compliment your desired looked and available in choice of classic or slim fit.

DRESS suits

Dress suits or “Dinner Suits” are a Black Tie event essential

Dress suits are more formal than lounge suits and they owe this to their unique styling. The satin lapels and satin features that can be seen throughout the suit set them apart from other suits. Coupled with a sophisticated double cuffed dress shirt and bow tie a dress suit is sure to leave you feeling as good as you’ll look.

Available in classic and contemporary styles with a range of fits to cater for a wide spectrum of people.